Percussion club classes


beatBuilding offers exciting, energising and confidence boosting percussion classes teaching the core principles of music and rhythm.


Our unique curriculum uses drums and percussion from around the world to explore music and rhythm in a vibrant and creative way.  Through original songs and stories, rhythm games and exercises we journey through note values, tones, timbres and textures as well as the use of dynamics.


Rhythm Puzzle


Each week the children learn an element of a beatBuilding rhythm puzzle, piecing all the rhythm patterns together by the end of term 


Group Drumming


Within the beatBuilding group drumming, the children will learn about the importance of communication, the benefits of working together and of the postitive spirit of being part of a team.  Each child has an equally important role within the group and their contribution is equally valued

and appreciated.


The experience of playing as part of a group is unique - it is energising and inspiring and creates a feeling of unity,  belonging and community.


Playing as part of a group enhances active listening and increases the ability to concentrate and focus.  This helps to develop communication and social skills and encourages the children to both talk and listen to each other.


Drumming is awesome!