beat Building for toddlers


beatBuilding is an interactive and fun introduction to music and rhythm for toddlers.


Our weekly classes are structured but relaxed and aim to nurture and stimulate a child’s natural musical and rhythmic ability.  


The children learn through play and experimentation, but also by watching and listening to the grownups that are in the class with them.  They are encouraged  through songs and games to explore different rhythms, sounds and instruments.  


Our inspiring and original music, specifically created to make learning fun, introduces the concepts of beats, rhythmic patterns and keeping time.  Our classes also encourage understanding of sharing, taking turns, and listening. 


Drumming is great for developing co-ordination, fine and gross motor skills, concentration and focus as well as building confidence and self esteem.



Most of all beat building is about having fun and inspiring creativity, when children are enjoying themselves they are learning!



Drumming is awesome!